Yes – We Are Very Successful With Recovering Data from Failing Hard Drives

Has everything just crashed and you’ve forgotten to back your device up? No need to panic – Perth Data Recovery is on the case. Hard disk breakdowns happen, but they aren’t necessarily as catastrophic as you might have originally thought. The data retrieval experts at Perth Data Recovery have seen all kinds of electronic and mechanical damage to internal and external hard drives and have managed to salvage something from all of them. Using our unique software, we are able to fully recover files from almost every damaged hard drive – that includes all brands, format sizes and interfaces.


Hard Drive Data Recovery Process

We are one of the leading company in data recovery from hard drives and we ensure our software will help you out in case of data loss from your hard drive. We understand that data loss is a critical problem, and it can be because of any reason, such as corruption, mechanical failure, or accidental file detection.

Our data recovery software is premium and completely safe to use. This software is accessible for almost all portable hard drive repairs as well. So, don’t panic in a lost data situation, make sure to connect with Perth experts to recover your hard drive. Our services are fast and affordable, and your problem will be solved in 24 hours only.

Three Easy Steps to Data Retrieval

We know how important it is to get your work back quickly, which is why our Perth services make hard disk data recovery quick, transparent, and easy. Our software can be used on a wide range of devices including USB drives, iPhones, SD memory cards and RAID systems. Simply drop off your media at our Perth office and we’ll have your recovered files returned to you in as little as 24 hours thanks to our fast three-step recovery process:

1. Diagnosis

Once your hard drive arrives at our office, one of our engineers will inspect the damage and be able to provide you with an estimation of how much data will be retrievable as well as quote you a price for the service.

2. Electronic

Next, we will attend to the following areas:

  • external electronics (motor controller, broken data path)
  • internal electronics (pre-amplifier, motor)
  • re-written servodata / service area

3. Mechanical

  • scratched plate
  • broken head
  • seized bearing
  • damaged servodata / service area
  • off-axis plate

All of Our Services


Why Choose Perth Data Recovery?

Our data recovery software is non-replaceable, and the best thing is that we have the highest success rate in hard disk recovery in Australia. Our team of experts ensures that we provide the best data recovery solutions at the best price.

Whether it is hard disk recovery or disk drill data recovery, we have the latest recovery tools to solve your problem. Most of the customers are repeat customers because we have earned their trust over the last 15 years. Our process is transparent, and our five-star genuine Google reviews prove that. So, don’t hesitate to contact us and leave your problem to us. We will make sure your business or your work gets back to you in 24 hours.

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Beyond Hard Drive Data Recovery in Perth , we offer retrieval services across a range of devices in Melbourne including :

If you need more information on Perth Data Recovery’s services, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 08 6465 4444.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hard Drive Recovery

Which Software Best Hard Disk Recovery?

Perth’s data recovery software is the best to recover your lost or deleted data, whether it is in  RAID, USB, iPhone, hard disk, SSD drive, or SD card. We make sure our data recovery software is powered by file backups, and the quality should not be compromised. Our software is economical and easy to use.

How To Repair External Hard Disks Not Detected?

There are some ways to repair an external hard drive if it is showing an error, the hard disk is not detected, such as first disconnecting the power supply, if that does not work, then try to disconnect the USB device and install the driver update one more time.

If none of the above methods work, you should seek professional help to recover your data because any error can result in permanent data loss. We have a team of experts who will help you out at an affordable price, and your data will be recovered in 24 hours only.

Make a backup of your data once it has been recovered for safety’s sake.

Is Disk Drill able to recover data from damaged hard drives?

Every hard drive comes with a live shell, and you have to make sure that your disk is kept in a completely safe manner. However, there are some situations where you don’t have any control and, accidentally, your hard drive gets broken. In this situation, there is a high chance that you will lose your data.

You need to first make sure that if your drive indicates that it is going to break soon, you immediately stop using that disk and try to have a backup of your data. If you are unable to retrieve the data, then disk drills can help you. Disk Drill is 100% safe, but make sure you are using professional services to recover the data.

How to Recover Data From a Non-Detecting Hard Drive?

There can be so many reasons for not detecting your hard disk. These reasons include faulty hardware, i.e., a USB port or cable, outdated or corrupt drivers, or an incompatible file system format. For every problem, there is a different solution, such as if you have outdated or corrupt drivers, so you need to try to mention options.

Fix 1. Initialize the external hard drive

Fix 2. Use the Disk Management tool.

Fix 3. Update or reinstall drivers

Second, if you have incompatibility issues, you need to format the drivers. If nothing works, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of professional data recovery experts. They will help you get your data back.

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