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Perth Data Recovery specialize in CCTV Data Recovery and Surveillance Data Recovery from a wide range of security Camera DVR’s and NVR’s including :

  • Swann CCTV Data Recovery
  • HIKVISION CCTV Data Recovery
  • Bosch Security Systems CCTV Data Recovery
  • Dahua CCTV Data Recovery
  • Ubiquiti CCTV Data Recovery

CCTV Footage data recovery require special tools and innovative solution to solve some unique data recovery problems.

CCTV Data recovery is more challenging than normal Hard Drive Data recovery because of proprietary video formats which can add an extra layer of compilation to Data Recovery procedure.

When we get your CCTV equipment , our expert Data Recovery engineers focus on retrieving corrupted or deleted footages from your CCTV and produce a usable high definition footage to you.

The footages can be delivered on physical storage of your choice or uploaded to your preferred cloud or our own cloud base storage.

Perth Data Recovery has many years of experience recovering CCTV footages from burned DVR’s or CCTV hard drives accidentally formatted or physically damaged or vandalized .

We can recover many other Surveillance Cameras which Onboard recording to SD or Micro SD cards .

Most Common Reasons to Corrupt or Loss of CCTV Footage from DVR/NVR:

  • CCTV storage accidental format or deleted footage from DVR/VNR.
  • DVR/NVR damage due to power surge or power outage
  • CCTV file corruption during the vide transfer from DVR/NVR
  • DVR/NVR PCB issues or hardware failure Data Recovery
  • CCTV Data recovery from faulty or unfunctional NVR/DVR
  • Fire Damaged NVR/DVR Data Recovery
  • Water damage DVR/NVR footage CCTV Data Recovery
  • CCTV Damaged Firmware Data Recovery
  • CCTV damaged Hard Drive or SD Card Data Recovery

Simple Retrieval Process:


Diagnosis happens in our Perth office when you submit your CCTV/DVR/NVR to the office. We will conduct a full assessment on CCTV and targeted footages needs to be recovered and give you an estimation of how much data is likely to be retrievable and provide you with a quote.


During the recovery process we will use our latest CCTV footage Data Recovery tools and platforms to retrieve targeted footages  from your CCTV/DVR/NVR without causing any further damage to the media.


Your dedicated recovery engineer will then contact you and provide you with a complete, detailed list of all the recovered files. We can then upload the recovered data to whichever device you choose, or to your preferred cloud storage.

Perth Data Recovery in Perth can retrieve data from a wide range of media including iPhones, hard disks, USB flash drives, and RAID systems. For more information on any of our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us on  08 6465 4444.

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Faqs: cctv data recovery

Yes, for sure CCTV data can be recovered. You will require the help of professional CCTV data recovery companies to get this job done for you. They have professional licensed software and some tools to recover the data securely. 

You need to handover your hard drive to CCTV data recovery companies. Experts will check whether the hard drive is physically damaged or is it some software issue. Once your hard drive is checked, then experts will help you in getting your data back.

Generally CCTV stores data upto 90 days, but you may increase this by contacting your device installer or it directly depends upon the storage of capacity of your CCTV drive

If you need to recover deleted CCTV photos & videos, then you  need to contact experts such as Perth’s data recovery. They will first check the cause and then provide you the best solution to recover deleted files. 

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Beyond CCTV Data Recovery from DVRs/NVRs in Perth , we offer retrieval services across a range of devices in Melbourne including :

If you need more information on Perth Data Recovery’s services, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 08 6465 4444.

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